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R.I.P. Plasma TV as LG Ceases Production

Things are moving on in the television market. Today, the televisions found in the most cutting edge living rooms are festooned with new features designed to take screen technology and high definition programming into a new, exciting era. Abbreviations such as ‘OLED’, ‘LCD’, ‘4k’ and ‘5k’ are being thrown around, as well as the phrase ‘ultra HD’. It’s all a little confusing.

Thankfully, LG are about to pull out an aging pony from the race and retire it to a nice field somewhere. This pony however. is a bit of a hot rod, a plasma powered beast which won’t take kindly to cajoling.

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Plasma TV’s have been around for the last couple of decades, but LG has decided they’ve got to go. It was only a few years ago we heard about one of the abbreviations, OLED, or ‘organic light emitting diode’. These screen elements are cheaper to produce, greener, and don’t suffer from problems such as burn-in.

OLED is indeed the future for LG, who are axing faithful old plasma and its ilk to make way for the new breed of TV. In a statement from a company statesperson, LG outlined how that they were expecting the eventual removal of plasma from their lineup.


“We wanted to keep it going as long as we could”


“No matter how much we try to keep it going it’s just not a business anymore”.


– Ken Hong, LG Spokesperson


LG’s production of plasma televisions is set to grind to a halt by the 30th of November, with the older, less power efficient sets at last being relieved from duty by the slick new liquid crystal display and OLED models.

Here’s your culprit: a flexible OLED device in action, and it’s clear to see why TV makes such as LG are so interested in this new technology.

This of course, combined with Panasonic’s exit from the market almost exactly a year ago last October 31st, has heralded a massive decline in shipping of plasma TV’s. In fact, analytical body NPD DisplaySearch has predicted that plasma TV’s shipped throughout the entire world next year with dramatically fall from 5.2 million this year to just half a million next year.

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This final revelation, although just a prediction, seems to be the final nail in the coffin for the power hungry, heat blasting plasma TV. By next year, the entire industry will be virtually devoid of plasma sets manufactured by major corporate powers. In short, it’s RIP, farewell for plasma. It was nice having you, but we’re moving on.

Source: Reuters

Via: Techspot