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RETRO REPLAY ► EXTRA: Leaked snaps of LG Optimus LTE – Exclusively brings Street Fighter IV!

In the Gadget Helpline’s most recent RETRO REPLAY feature we told you how the legendary combat game Street Fighter will brought up-to-date on the Android platform exclusively from mobile-maker LG and gaming co. Capcom. Today leaked snaps of the first handset to feature the Street Fighter IV exclusive have been exposed, along with some of the specifications of the new LG Optimus LTE..

Mobile owners will be able to take the fight to the streets in early 2012 with the stylish new flagship LG Optimus LTE as seen in these escaped photos – ahead of the handsets official release. Said to feature the most powerful dual-core processor that LG has used, along with eye blistering 4.5” AH-IPS LCD touch screen display packing a 1280×720 resolution, that’s a generous area of play for when the newest addition to the Street Fighter franchise kicks off on the newest LG hardware. The LG Optimus LTE also features an 8-megapixel shooter, on what is said to be the first in a new range of ‘HD smartphones’.

We’re looking forward to hearing more about this contender from LG, and more about one of our favourite fighting franchises hitting the new platform!

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