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LG G Pro 2 now official with 4K-capable 13 megapixel camera

LG really didn’t want the G Pro 2 to be a secret, but we’ve finally witnessed the official reveal today. The new flagship phone has arrived, toting a larger 5.9-inch display and improved camera specs over the original G Pro.

The Korean company has taken a similar approach to its rival Samsung when it comes to large smartphones, moving from a 5.5-inch display on the G Pro to a 5.9-inch screen on the G Pro 2 – just as Samsung did when moving from the Galaxy Note 2 to the Note 3. Despite becoming bigger, the display is still very sharp in Full HD quality, running a resolution of 1,920 x 1,080. It’s also nice and bright, being a True Full HD IPS Plus display, and is protected by a layer of tough Gorilla Glass 3 from Corning.

Perhaps the star feature of the G Pro 2 is its camera; a 13 megapixel rear sensor with LED flash. Not only will this large sensor capture high resolution 4,208 x 3,120 images but it also captures super-sharp 4K video at 30fps. Full HD content jumps up to 60fps, whilst 720p content can be shot in 120fps which would be ideal for slow-motion videos. Complementing the rear camera is a 2.1 megapixel front camera which also offers Full HD video.

The large phone runs Android 4.4.2 KitKat with a generous helping of LG’s own software and tools. A couple of neat features from the G2 have made it across to the G Pro 2, such as KnockOn which allows the user to tap the screen when the phone is off to view the lock screen. LG is also introducing Mini View which allows the user to shrink the picture down to somewhere between 3.4 and 4.7-inches, if you don’t like the huge screen, perhaps.

As with all high-end Android phones these days, the G Pro 2 is crammed with the latest connectivity and tools, including NFC, Wi-Fi ac, Bluetooth 4.0 LE, LTE and SlimPort micro USB for outputting video. The entire thing is powered by a speedy quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 chip running at 2.26GH coupled with 3GB of RAM, with a large 3,200 mAh battery to keep it juiced for a full day.

A big phone is always a challenge to hold and fit in to some pockets, and so naturally LG has looked to make the G Pro 2 as slim as possible at 8.3mm thick. Weighing in at 172g it’s quite a heavyweight as far as smartphones go, too, but not quite as heavy as the Lumia 920. Initially the G Pro 2 will be available in three colours: titan, silver and white – Titan seems to be another name for black, going by the pictures.

Whilst we know every little aspect about the phone’s build, we still don’t know a price or a release date. We expect LG to confirm this towards the end of the month at MWC in Barcelona.