LG survey reveals 62% of British viewers plan to join 3DTV revolution in time for 2012 sporting events

LG, the Korean creator of telly and phone tech and one of the leaders in 3DTV, has taken a survey of 2000 British viewers with a sizable 37% of those asked claiming that they would be persuaded to join the 3DTV revolution in time to watch the London-based Olympic Games next year. Another 25% claimed the Euro 2012 football tournament would sway them towards upgrading to 3D technology.

LG, in regards to the findings, states: “With almost two thirds of people saying that they’re looking to upgrade their TVs ahead of next year’s sporting events it’s a really exciting time for LG. We strongly believe in the real benefits that our unique Cinema 3D TV range brings to consumer’s homes.”

Despite this poll result giving us a sample of the huge popularity of three-dimensions to the British viewing public from its short existence in the marketplace, we find the question to be a little bit of an ambiguous one..

At this time the BBC and ITV, terrestrial telly broadcasters of the 2012 Olympic Games, both have no plans to create 3D channels. The only UK broadcast network currently employing 3D is Sky, who has no claim over the rights to the 2012 London games.

This little detail won’t stop LG from taking to the road between April 22nd and June 26th to tour a number of shopping centres across the UK to show-off its new “Cinema-3D” home entertainment experience.

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