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Samsung announce new 3DTV Packages, Smart Hub feature, Lightweight 3D glasses and more

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Samsung have announced a host of new products, accessories and features for their TV sector, ranging from Plasma TVs to 3D sets to Mobile Phone applications.

Samsung’s President of Electronics America, Tim Baxter was keen to talk alot about 3DTVs and the 3D market. Samsung led the 3DTV market last year with a 60% share, and expect to see a sixfold growth in 3DTV sales this year. They aim to continue their successes in the 3D market into 2011 and 2012, introducing new products and software for their 3DTV range.

First up is a new style of lightweight, stylish 3D active shutter glasses designed by eyewear specialists Silhouette. They weigh less than 1 ounce and look very neat, a marked improvement on the original glasses released with Samsung 3DTVs last year. Samsung plan to put 2 pairs of the new glasses in with their 3DTVs from now on, as opposed to the singular pair you got with their TVs up until now.

Samsung's New 3D Glasses

They’ve also inked a deal with Dreamworks to be able to offer both the Megamind movie and the Shrek collection on Blu-Ray, along with 2 pairs of the new 3D glasses with their 3DTVs as a special bundle, available as of this March.

No fewer than 15 new plasma TVs will be released by Samsung this year, though unfortunately no specifications or specifics were announced at the event. Samsung will be adding a new “Smart Hub” feature to all TVs in their “Smart” range, including all 3D sets. Smart Hub will bring more apps and content, the ability to create folders for smart apps, and access to an app/content store.

Possibly the coolest of the announcements in the Home Entertainment section is that of the new QWERTY Flip remote for Samsungs Smart TVs. It’s a Dual-Sided remote which features a full QWERTY keyboard complete with LCD screen on one side, and the regular TV remote on the other. Considering it’s two devices in one, Samsung have managed to make it very slim and sleek indeed. The QWERTY Flip remote will come in the box with the Samsung D7000 and D8000 series of Smart TVs.

The New QWERTY Flip Remote

To finish off the announcement, Samsung introduced a new feature which works with both Samsung TVs and Samsung Android mobile phones, called Twin View. It allows the user to mirror the image from their TV to the screen of their mobile phone, pretty neat. The application can be installed on both Samsung Smart TVs and Samsung Android mobiles from their respective app stores.