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LG unveils new flagship LED 3D LW980T TV range

We are just a few days away from this year’s IFA Consumer Electronics show in Berlin and already we are seeing announcements and teases for what some of the big electronics manufacturers are bringing to the show.

Today LG has jumped the gun and has announced that it will be launching its latest flagship range of LCD televisions in the form or the LG LW980T range, all of which will be on display at this year’s IFA event.

The LW980T is ‘the latest in 3D technology and SmartTV’ according to LG and will include a range of LED TVs in 47’’ and 55’’ sizes. LG have improved upon the fantastic flagship range from last year, this time including Nano Full LED backlit screens which will offer a bigger and brighter picture than ever before, while becoming even slimmer (less than 3cm thick).

As with all modern flagship TVs the LW980T range will feature 3D in the form of LG’s Passive Cinema 3D technology and will be sold with a large family in mind as they will come with SEVEN pairs of of 3D glasses in the box. LG is touting a better wide viewing angle thanks to the Passive 3D technology.

The units will also feature LG’s Smart TV internet platform, which boasts a new interface and far more applications than the minor collection we found when we tested the current range of LG smart TVs recently. You’ll be able to hook the new LW980T up to the web and browse, download apps and use Facebook and Twitter.

UK users will benefit from BBC iPlayer, Facebook, Twitter and Google Maps applications, and film on-demand from both Acetrax and Viewster.

The LG LW980T range will feature 2D to 3D conversion which will be fed by the Smart TV Hub with new 3D content and the screens have TruMotion 400Hz refresh rates which wills supply smooth pictures.

Connections-wise the TVs come with four HDMI and two USB ports, DivX HD file format support and DLNA sharing to connect your TV to another DNLA device such as a Mobile Phone or a Laptop to do wireless file sharing.

Currently there is no pricing or release information but we can expect more info in the coming week with the IFA show hotting up and giving us more info.