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LG G Watch 2 Announced

In response to upcoming wearables such as Apple’s iWatch and the Motorola Moto 360, LG have announced to The Korea Times that a new version of the G watch, the LG G Watch 2, is on the way to release just 2 months after the release of the original G watch.

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An LG spokesperson confirmed the device to the newspaper in an official statement, and apparently the device will be announced officially with a preview at IFA 2014 in just a few weeks time, plus will feature a Qualcomm processor.

The original LG G Watch was a rounding success, not only being one of the first true smart wearables, but also leading the trend of smart wearables across the tech industry. Some say that without the G Watch the hype for the new generation of wearables would be much less intense.

In competition with the leading smartwatches, the MG G Watch 2 is apparently being created in consultation with “leading watchmakers” according to the sources quoted to The Korea Times. This may lead to the device being a more premium version of the G Watch at a higher price to the original, as opposed to a massively reworked version of the device or a brand new one from scratch.

The G watch previously caused irritation on the usrs wrist, but this was later fixed in a software patch,

The original LG G Watch was most likely just created to be the first device to showcase Android Wear, and whilst great as a first device for the platform, the device didn’t live up to its full potential due to a quick release.

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The original G Watch wasn’t without its flaws. Reports came in a week or so ago that the device’s electronic charging pins were remaining live, even when the device wasn’t charging. This, combined with natural moisture from the user’s wrist, caused corrosion on the device and skin irritation for the wearer. Thankfully, the problem was fixed with a software patch.

The LG G Watch 2 might address this lack of features on release, but of course it might also be eclipsed by the massive influx of new wearables. The G watch 2 is supposedly also going to be released in time to compete with the release of the iWatch, which will potentially be unveiled officially at Apple’s planned September 9th conference.

Source: G for Games

Via: Techradar