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Logitech Shines Up New Washable Waterproof Keyboard – On Sale in the U.S this Month

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Do you ever take a look at that grubby, dirt encrusted keyboard in front of you and dread the arduous task of popping out each and every coffee-stained key, giving them a scrub, emptying out all the dust and stray staples from inside the base and then having to put all those keys all back in again – in the correct order while trying not to lose any..? It’s a pain in the backside which none of us enjoys and a task only done on those really slow days.

Logitech has come up with the purely genius new K310 keyboard which could make this challenge a chore of the past. Along with all the normal keyboard features exactly where you’d expect them this one employs a waterproof design which can be submerged to depths of 11 inches and allows any water that does manage to make its way in to drain quickly and easily with the keyboard drying off in next to no time.

The letters and symbols on the keys are also etched on with laser printing meaning they won’t just peel or scrub off with the first warm water wash. However, the keyboard is wired and features a simple USB connection – this part of course is not safe for the plunge and your keyboard will likely become unusable if your get the end wet!

The washable hardware is ‘designed to look and function like new’ and is available in the United States this month for $40 (around £25 GBP) and we hope to see this squeaky clean keyboard make a splash in other countries soon after!

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