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Spotify to launch in Canada, Asia and South America?

Spotify is looking set to continue on with its global domination by launching in Canada, Asia and South America in the next couple of months.

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the free music streaming service (that started here in the UK) has revealed in the annual accounts that there are references to the company expanding to Canada and that they could further expand to “countries in Asia and South America.”.

WSJ have reached out to Spotify to comment on te Canadian service expansion but the company came back with saying that the company “plans to launch in new countries.”

In recent months Spotify has launched in several big markets including Australia and New Zealand during May and also last year’s move into America saw Spotify launch outside of the UK.

The music service now has over 15 million active users and more than 4 million paying subscribers, which they will be looking to increase on with the three big music Markets in Canada, Asia and South America.

Hopefully Spotify will announce the service in the coming weeks so our Canadian friends can join the Free music revolution and start sharing the latest in tunes.

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