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MacBook Pro Could Introduce OLED Touch Bar in Place of Keys

Rumours surrounding Apple’s designs for the next MacBook Pro are coming to light. In the past few days it’s surfaced that Apple is planning to really revamp the MacBook Pro and speculated features include Touch ID, and an OLED Touch Bar in place of the traditional function keys.

Concept Renders:

The rumour of OLED technology being integrated into the new MacBook Pro as a touch bar along the top of the keyboard – where the function keys would have been present, suggests now that the buttons/images may be adjustable or customizable to some extent. This again could serve to prove that Apple gadgets may become modular in design in the near future.

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The rumoured design changes do not stop there. The models for Q4 of 2016 are potentially going to have a lighter form factor which at this point is somewhat hard to believe considering how thin the design for these products already is, leaving what will be a very slim-line and stylish design. The hinge mechanisms will be “injection moulded” to yet again reduce the size of the device, when already combined with various other features.

Concept Renders:

It also would appear Apple are looking in to ways to unlock their MacBook range with iPhones themselves via Touch ID, but in the same leaf it may well already be that they are looking to integrate the physical identification hardware in to the MacBooks themselves.

Following that, we may also see Siri integration in to the next version of OSX 10.12 but we shall have to wait and see for Apple’s WWDC (World Wide Developers Conference) to confirm many suspicions and debunk any others.