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Paragon – Free Beta Weekend Registration Begins Wednesday!

This weekend the makers of Paragon have opened the pre-testing doors once again for any person who wants to test the game, users will have to register by the 25th of May to participate and once that’s done you’ll be ready to go.

Paragon is Epic Games’ cross platform MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena); similar in instance to’s Heroes of the Storm, Riot Games’ League of Legends and Valve’s DOTA2.

In similar fashion, the game pits two teams of five players against each other in the world of Agora which is brought in to life by the Unreal Engine 4

Paragon brings strategy to the player in cards and decks which can change gameplay and make for a variety of player choices, which ultimately most other MOBAs lack due to the way the items and features work.

The roster of heroes features everything from your standard mage like Gideon to the somewhat more fearsome Grux, that looks like he comes straight out of Street Sharks (one for our nostalgic readers) with two massive swords, ultimately; not something we’d like to be on the wrong side of!

Agora, the map for the game where the battles of Paragon will take place is also a fully developed and not a two dimensional design similar to many other MOBA genres and allows the user to use all parts of the map and diversify the genre as a whole.

Epic Games promise a lot in regards to content and the gameplay itself a new hero every three weeks and a built in replay system which many games still do not have, the game will feature micro-transactions which are designed not to provide benefits to players as in game advantages but cosmetic skins for the player to set themselves apart from others.

As for the weekend’s Paragon Free Beta – the Gadget Helpline will be playing and hopefully you will be too after you register at the Epic Games website!