Mario Maker UK Bundle Will Include ‘Classic Colour’ 8-Bit Anniversary Amiibo

Nintendo has announced that not just one, but two of those super cool Mario 8-bit 30th Anniversary Amiibo figures will be released and one will be included in a special Mario Maker bundle here in the UK.

The first Amiibo will feature pixelated Mario in his most famously worn blue and red overalls and popping up out of a warp pipe in his signature leaping pose. The ‘Modern Colour’ figure is really rad and, in our opinion, probably the best Amiibo in the line-up so far – a true tribute to the legacy of Super Mario Bros. and its fans.

We really didn’t think it could get any better than this. However, the variant one hits us even deeper in the fandom and takes us even further back into the three decade history of Super Mario Bros.

It’s referred to as the ‘Classic Colour’ version and the Amiibo sees the plumber sporting his original brown and red (yes, brown and red) as he appeared in the very first Super Mario Bros. game on the NES. What’s even more exciting is that this one will be included in a special bundle with the new Mario Maker game when it’s released for Wii U in September. Mario Maker will also come with a 100-page hard-cover art-book showing off cool and inventive ways to build custom levels in the classic Super Mario Bros. universe.

Both 8-bit Mario Amiibo figures will be available separately soon after the release of Mario Maker and can be tapped to the Wii U GamePad to unlock a whole host of abilities in the creative platform game. These include a retro visual filter, a Big Mushroom to make Mario super-sized and a Mystery Mushroom allowing him to take on the appearance of other popular Ninty characters including Link, Kirby and the Wii Fit Trainer.

The Super Mario 30th Anniversary figures are sure to make the endangered Amiibos list pretty pronto, so we suggest collectors get their pre-orders in fast!

Source: Nintendo UK