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Metallica Joins Spotify – News Announced by Lars Ulrich (Notorious Napster Hater)

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Metallica drummer and notoriously outspoken detractor of music piracy, Lars Ulrich has announced that the legendary metal band has joined Spotify.

The news broke onstage during a New York performance by Metallica who have offered up a thirty year back catalogue of classic metal anthems to the free and paid streaming service whose ranks have doubled in recent times with over one million now subscribing to the paid ad-free content.

Songs such as ‘Fade to Black’, ‘Enter Sandman’ and ‘Master of Puppets’ will be added for the first time and after infamous battles with Napster in the early 00s, stickman Ulrich is pleased that Metallica will now be in control of the band’s music being shared online.

He said “Metallica has always tried to be in control of the way we present our music to our fans, which is why we’ve waited to see the way these online retailers and streaming services operate and gauge the overall fan experience before deciding to include our music”. With careful review Spotify is the One for Metallica and in typical Lars linguistics he adds “We are beyond psyched to unleash our music through their platform”.

Elsewhere on Spotify, users will be able to enjoy a greater social experience with the introduction of a ‘Follow’ feature. This allows listeners to see what their pals on Spotify are listening to and to tune into and share their playlists – or ‘Collection’s as they will soon be known, as the system gets a tweak here as well to bring it more into sync with the style of rival iTunes.

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