Microsoft confirms Xbox One will launch in Japan on September 4th

Japan seems to be pretty low on the next generation console’s priority list with the Countries Native Sony only putting its Playstation 4 console on sale in the country in February and Microsoft have only just announced a release date for its Xbox One console.

However it will still be a long wait for Japanese Fans of the Xbox One, as Microsoft have confirmed that the XB1 will be released on September the 4th of this year.

Historically, Japan has not been a favourable place for Microsoft’s Xbox consoles, as the country still favours the Sony Playstation console and Nintendo above all else, but Microsoft will still be having an attempt to crack this lucrative market with their newest console.

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To help crack this Microsoft have announced that 48 game developers including the likes of Capcom (Street Fighter), Square Enix (Final fantasy Series) and SEGA (Sonic)have all pledged to support the console in the region, which will help the console’s chances of being a success.

Japan looks to be one of the 26 countries that Microsoft had previously announced that they would be releasing the Xbox One this September, but at this time Japan is the only confirmed region to be receiving the release.

Microsoft has been very coy on the numbers of Xbox One consoles that have been sold since its release, but last we heard 5 Million units had been shipped to retailers, with a large amount of them sold.

Sony however has seen a big increase in sales of the PS4 since its release in japan in February, seeing a rise of nearly 1 Million units sold between Japans release and now.

Microsoft has also teased a big Xbox One Japanese Exclusive title which may show its head ta the E3 Conference in June.