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Microsoft launch Windows Collections

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Microsoft is launching a UK exclusive scheme to help confused customers choose which PC is best for them, called Windows Collections.

The idea is to put together 30 Windows-based PCs from a host of different manufacturers to cover all price ranges and categories.

The 30 PCs will be grouped into six categories of Gaming, Entertainment, Everyday, Business, Portability and Mobile Companion. Microsoft is hoping that by categorising the products, it will help customers who want a new PC, but don’t know what they need.

Ashley Highfield, UK managing director for Microsoft, says “The Windows Collection is about showcasing the best machines in key areas.The PC is at the heart of the home network, and people want a personal machine that is personalised for them.

“We have 30 computers from nine different OEMs and we are hoping that we are showing that where others are zigging, we are zagging.”

Microsoft plan to update the list of 30 PCs each Spring, ‘back to university season’ and ‘holiday season’ so customers always have a choice from the latest and best PCs in each category.

As of yet we’re unsure as to where you will see Windows Collections, though we expect it will be a part of the main Microsoft website in the very near future.

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