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Microsoft Offering 100GB of OneDrive Free – In exchange for a small request

Microsoft has launched a new promotion, they did it on the quiet and don’t seem too bothered about telling anyone, so I will. You can now get 100GB of OneDrive cloud storage for two years, and there’s only a tiny catch. You have to sign up for the Bing Rewards program, something most of us never heard of.

The Bing Rewards program has been around for years much like Bing it doesn’t see a lot of traffic. It allows you to earn credits by searching on Bing or trying new features from Bing and other Microsoft products and services. You can redeem Bing Rewards credits and use them toward gift cards, Xbox Live subscriptions, and a number of other things. Basically Microsoft pays you to use their product. That’s right all this time Microsoft have been paying us to use Bing and we would still rather use google.

Be warned that Microsoft will also send you emails and offers related to Bing Rewards. All in all though a bit of spam and some free stuff if you accidentally use Bing isn’t a bad deal for 100 GB of OneDrive. Existing Bing reward users can also partake in the offer so don’t worry if you are already part of the program. As for those of you who already registered (anyone? Didn’t think so…), Microsoft said you can still take advantage of the giveaway.

It’s worth saying this offer is only available in certain areas, but as with all location locked offers and programs there are ways around it. So if you currently live in the US or don’t mind making your PC look like it’s in the US click here for the free storage.