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Dying Light Review – Season Pass DLC Announced

After playing Dying Light all weekend and every evening this week you could say I was a little excited to hear what DLC I could expect to see in the coming months. I’m not anymore, Dying Light is a fantastic game and I recommend it to everyone. It’s a spiritual successor to Dead Island I guess, same developers same idea, but the execution is far better.

I’ll get on to the DLC in a moment but first let’s talk about Dying Light, I’ve been playing it mostly in Co-op and as most of the reviews would suggest the story is fairly bland, there are some great characters but it all takes a back seat to how much fun the gameplay is. Just moving from one place to another in dying light is a treat, the combat and the freerunning blend perfectly to create some fantastic in game anecdotes, and the difficulty scales so you always feel overwhelmed and never overpowered.

I don’t think he understood the Gravity of his situation…

I’ve managed to get through 80% of the game so it wouldn’t be fair to give it a rating out of 10 yet, I’ll do it anyway 7/10 it only lost out due to the story.

Now on the DLC Techland has announced the contents of the game’s Season Pass. First up is Cuisine & Cargo, which released yesterday. Only available to Season Pass holders for now, it adds two new buildings to the map, each with their own mission attached. So we can presumably expect two building packed with zombies and um more zombies.

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Next up coming out in March, will be the Ultimate Survival Bundle. All that brings is three new outfits and four new weapons being described as “over the top”.

Finally, out in May, we will see ‘The Bozak Horde’. Which will add “Harran Stadium” and is Dying Lights contributions to the horde mode every game must now have, expect waves of unending zombies all vying to eat your face.

So a couple of missions, some new gear and a new game mode. I’ll be honest all of that is what I would expect to see in a single DLC, it strikes me they didn’t have enough to make a “Season Pass” worthwhile so broke one DLC up into three. That doesn’t seem like much for the £16 asking price.

But season passes are always a gamble, there’s no telling if they may add more content in the future to make it worthwhile. It’s the risk you take I guess, I will wait and see.