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Microsoft Pick Their Favourite US Customers For $75 Promo Code

Microsoft is giving its US console gamers a gentle nudge in the 4th gen direction, trying to persuade them to make the switch from their current 360 consoles.

The company is giving selected users and some of their “very best customers” a $75 promotional Online code if they make the change to the Xbox One.

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The news came courtesy of BeforeU who posted on NeoGAF mentioning the promotion when they signed into their Xbox Live account. Only selected members seem to eligible and at the moment only seems to be open to users in America, although a few offers have seeped through to Canada too (although it isn’t yet confirmed if this was planned or just a mistake).

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To find out if you’ve been specially selected for the Microsoft promotion all you’d need to do would be to turn on your 360 console and sign into Xbox Live, if you’re greeted with a screen like the one below, you’re in luck!

There is no current news on whether or not the UK and Europe can expect to see the promotion too, but we will have to wait with baited breath in the hope for a shiny promo offer!

Source: Engadget