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Microsoft are testing higher capacity Xbox 360 game discs

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Microsoft is currently testing Xbox 360 game discs with a larger storage capacity, a source close to Eurogamer claims.

Unfortunately Microsoft still won’t be using Blu-Ray disc technology, so don’t get your hopes up on that one just yet.

At present, game discs for the console are 7.95GB, and games have to be 6.8GB or under to be able to fit onto the disc. The rest of the disc is a locked partition, sanctioned by Microsoft for DVD Video and Anti-Piracy information.

That extra 1GB has been unlocked for Beta Testers to play with in the US, with new pressings of Halo: Reach being given to testers to see how the new disc format performs in the different disc drives used in Xbox 360 consoles.

It is expected that the new disc technology will be rolled out along with a Dashboard update later this year, should the Beta testing prove successful.

Should Microsoft ditch Dual-Layer DVDs and finally start using Blu-Ray discs for their games? Let us know via Twitter, @Gadget_Helpline.