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Microsoft says “No” to Xbox 360 portable – Windows Phone will deliver

Microsoft have ended the guessing game regarding a long-rumoured Xbox 360 portable by claiming no such thing is in production and nothing will be.

Xbox 360 is currently dominating in the big box console market after Sony’s recent blunders with its Playstation Network, with a number of gamers trading in their PS3 consoles for the safer bet of Microsoft’s 360. Nintendo’s Wii is still a steady seller with price drops keeping interest in the first-gen home entertainment system.

Xbox 360 Portable? - Not likely.

However, Microsoft is the only one of the “big 3” yet the break into the portable market, which is currently a race between Sony’s PSP and Nintendo’s recent 3DS. With familiar faves such as Legend of Zelda and both Super Mario Bros and Kart hitting the 3DS soon, and Sony’s PS Vita on the horizon, many presumed that a portable Xbox would be on its way – with rumours and hoaxes appearing online for several years now. Today these are all proven false by the Washington-based Corp.

With soaring successes for Microsoft’s console it’d appear somewhat foolish not to jump on-board. Translating some of those popular titles over to handheld could only equal epic winning. But it appears the House of M have attentions set elsewhere, slamming the Xbox 360 portable rumours and encouraging us that in its absence we’ll be more than satisfied with the gaming delights of Window Phones for pocket play.

With all that in mind, the next dedicated gaming console release should be the next-gen Xbox 360 (or Xbox 720?) – Currently the subject of much rumour itself. We should see light of this at next year’s E3 conference. Maybe Microsoft is holding out to see how badly Nintendo’s Wii U fails? Ok, ok – I’ll let it go..

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