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Microsoft’s 7 Foot Surface Hub Wall-Computer only $19,999

Microsoft will start accepting pre-orders on July the 1st of its Surface Hub device (big wall computer). Commencing shipping in September. The larger device, which is a massive 84 inches, will cost $19,999 (£12887 by current exchange rates). The smaller, 55 inch option is a mere $6,999 (£4510) by comparison.

This is a full sized-ish human, the screen is bigger than her…

For those of you who missed it, the Surface Hub is a massive touch screen, built on the tech Microsoft acquired by buying Perceptive Pixel (PPI). It runs on the new Windows 10 OS, and has a touch screen the size of my flat. The surface Hub has a computer built in, meaning you aren’t going to need some sort of super rig to run it as well. Clearly designed for conference rooms, and big business the Hub is a unified system for video calls, note taking, collaboration and apps.

The Surface Hub employs a Windows variant that takes advantage of the sheer size of the screens and there touch capability, that Windows is better on larger screens, the Surface Hub is a very big screen. This was true with Windows 8 and PPI displays as well, but with the Surface Hub hardware, and Windows 10’s strengths over Windows 8, it’s now more accurate.

It will be interesting to see how well these super screens sell, considering the price they wouldn’t need to sell a lot to make some serious revenue.