Microsoft’s first Lumia branded smartphone picture leak?

After making the break official,  its seems that Microsoft first solely branded Lumia smartphone will is soon to be on its way as leaked images have appeared on-line of a new Microsoft Lumia smartphone.

MS officially announced that they would be Dropping the previous Nokia banding two weeks ago (a move that has been long expected)  and the company are now moving forward with et Lumia brand as an extension of the Microsoft branding.

The leak surrounds some images that have appeared online on the Chinese blogging site Weibo, and it shows a back and front view of a very Lumia looking Microsoft handset.

Now the mystery Lumia is far from a set deal, but the leaked image does seem to carry on with the Nokia design aesthetics that previous handset have had. Namely the square design and bright coloured casings.

Microsoft originally bought out Nokia after a major restructuring in 2013 in a deal worth €3.79bn, along with another €1.65bn to license Nokia’s portfolio of patents for 10 years; a deal totalling at over €5.4bn.

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The deal was finally completed in April this year, although it’s only now the brand transition has been completed. From now on, The Nokia brand will be phased out entirely, the current phones will be known as “Lumia” devices while Nokia online properties will be re-directed to As the re-branding effort expands, eventually it will become “Microsoft Lumia.

There is a long History of Nokia handsets, and being one of the first pioneers of the Mobile phone market in the late 90’s, but that is all a thing of the past now As Microsoft will be continuing on the Lumia brand and that is all.

Microsoft has yet to officially announce any Lumia handsets, but the Change has now been mad official so we expect some Flagship MS Lumia smartphones to be announced soon.

Source: Weibo