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Moto 360’s Wireless Charger Revealed

You may remember that we were very excited to hear that the new Moto 360 from Motorola would be running with a wireless charger, with power being transferred into the device wirelessly through a sensitive panel on the rear of the device which absorbs energy from a charger.

The charger itself requires the user to simply place the watch onto it and go about their business until the device is charged. From what we’ve been hearing this isn’t a bad way to go, as other competitor products have had issues with charging, such as the LG G Watch, whose charging pins were recently found to be powered at all times, which, when combined with moisture from the user’s wrist, caused corrosion and nasty skin irritation. This was quickly fixed in a patch. Phew…

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Thankfully the Moto 360 is not going to be plagued with such issues. What’s more, the rear of the watch isn’t just a fancy charger, it comes with a heartbeat sensor that reads your pulse through your wrist.

Mister has been busy tracking down a Moto 360 to properly take a look at. Wherever they found this one, they had enough time to create a truly amazing image gallery of the watch’s many features, including the rear of the device.

The Moto 360 being compared with the LG G Watch. Image credit Mister Gadget.

These images confirmed several rumors, such as the watch’s water resistance and 316L stainless steel construction, shown on the rear of the device, as well as a glimpse of that heartbeat sensor.

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Also seen are the dimensions of the device, and unsurprisingly, as has been rumored, the device is a good deal thicker than most watches, and also quite large. However, for the amount of features Motorola have managed to pack inside the device it’s an acceptable trade off.

The Motorola Moto 360 is on its way soon, however, it was slated for a release in July, but never showed up. Whilst it must be infuriating for those of you desperate to get your hands on the device, it may end up being released towards the end of the year.

Source and Images Credit: MisterGadget