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Motorola Milestone finally gets the 2.2 update

If you happen to be a Milestone user, I’m guessing you’ll be excited to know that the Android smartphone is ready to gets its long awaited 2.2 update. Although, we’re not too sure as to why it seemed to have taken quite a considerable time for users of the Milestone to get this update.

You may remember back in May last year when the Milestone received its 2.1 update, and now almost a year later, users will now be able to experience all the joys of 2.2 (Froyo), including Adobe Flash support as well as being able to use the smartphone as a 3G mobile hotspot. Furthermore, Motorola have also issued release notes for your reading pleasure that lists other improvements and enhancement found in 2.2.

So all you Milestones users out there, if you’re ready to get a taste of Froyo (which I’m sure you will be), head on over to the Motorola Update site for more info on how to update your handset.