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The Mouse-Box, a PC inside a Mouse

So I previously wrote an article about a pc on a stick and said 2015 was going to be the year of tiny computers, that very day this concept appeared. Now the market is already flooded with compacts PCs and PCs on flash drive sized sticks are catching up, this however is actually a stroke of genius the Mouse-Box.










This is a new invention from a team of Polish engineers and houses a fully-functioning computer into a mouse that well still works as a mouse. All you need to add is a screen and a keyboard and you’re good to go. The Mouse-Box is currently at the prototype stage and its makers are looking for funding to bring it to production, it’s basically a concept they’ve thrown out there hoping to get funding.

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Obviously its main selling point is its level of portability, because if you’re going somewhere with a monitor or projector available, then all you need is this small device, and let’s be fair there’s not many places left where you couldn’t find a monitor to hijack.

Inside the mouse is a 1.4GHz dual-core ARM CPU, 128GB of flash storage, two USB 3.0 ports, a micro-HDMI output and Wi-Fi connectivity — not bad for something so tiny. There’s not much room for your programs and files, but as Chromebooks have proved, huge amounts of local storage aren’t always necessary for something that you take on the road. The group is also working on a matching mousepad that can double as a charger, via wireless charging, while you’re using the Mouse-Box.








A micro-HDMI connector will connect to Mouse/PC to a display, if you want to just use it as a normal mouse, then that’s fine too. You could take it into work and then switch between your work PC and the Mouse-Box with a button press, for example.

The prototype is fully functional, but the Mouse-Box team is looking for a manufacturing partner to be able to produce the device commercially. It’s been suggested on most news sites that it will likely run a lightweight OS such as ChromeOS or Linux, but the company haven’t clarified this, considering the ARM CPU it’s much more likely to run an android based OS. No word on the price yet either.