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Facebook Lite Launched for 2G Social Networking

Facebook has quietly released a new less data hungry version of its social networking app, called Facebook Lite.

No official statement was made by Mark Zuckerberg and co. confirming launch of the Facebook Lite app which has now been available for Android 2.3 and above since the 20th of January. It’s only been downloaded and installed on 10,000 – 50,000 devices so far according to Google Play and this would have to have been from those who have stumbled upon it because Facebook gave it no plugs at all.

The app is designed for 2G networks and offers update and photo sharing, notifications and instant messaging through a no-frills user interface with quick and easy installation at just 252kb – handy for those with lesser spec smartphones or those in poor signal areas. The size of the regular Facebook app for Android, which varies from device to device, can weigh in at between 3 to 5MB and Facebook were recently able to trim the data usage by around 65% but clearly this was not enough and a brand new app is here to address that.

Facebook has recently brought the world closer together by helping connect those in regions with lesser developed mobile internet services by releasing the app which allows these restricted data areas access to news, health and jobs information as well as basic messaging without data charges. The Facebook owned WhatsApp messaging service also recently got its own SIM card – the WhatSIM which allows cheap chat in over 150 countries.

Facebook Lite is now available from Google Play for Android 2.2 and later.

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