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MWC 2016: ZTE Spro Plus – Portable Projector Meets Android Tablet

At the Mobile World Congress over in Barcelona the Chinese mobile company ZTE has just launched its new portable projector, a large screened smart device called the Spro Plus.

The ZTE Spro Plus is the follow up to the Spro 2 which was launched last year but this one dwarfs its 5.3-inch predecessor and offers a design more in line with what we’re familiar with in a smart device, particularly a smartphone or tablet. In fact this completely redesigned projector looks just like a chunky tablet and is controllable with ease thanks to its Android OS and an 8.4-inch AMOLED touchscreen. Processing is handled by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 801 chipset.

The Spro Plus can stream and display a 2K quality image on its generous screen and projects pictures and moving images through laser technology for sharpness and with a brightness of 500-lumens. ZTE boasts that this combination of features means no image distortion and even from 2.4 metres away the Spro Plus can project images at an eye-watering 80-inches wide. A JBL audio system provides two 4 watt speakers for respectable sound quality too match the visuals.

The projector offers connectivity options like a smartphone or tablet as well, with a Wi-Fi-only model available and the choice of a 4G/LTE model is available too, with obvious cost difference between each version (prices TBC) and data/network fees applying. But just imagine indulging in a big screen Netflix binge practically anywhere, and with a 1200mAh battery supporting a healthy use time it’s more than possible.

The ZTE Spro Plus isn’t just set up for entertainment either. The USB connection allows a webcam to be hooked up to the projector for Skype conversations on the move and with the in-built mic’s ability to pick up voice from five metres away in crystal clarity the Spro Plus is also intended for business conferencing.

The ZTE Spro Plus is the MWC wildcard you never knew you needed in your life until you heard about it and we eagerly await summertime when the projector is set to go on sale.

Source: ZTE