NES Classic DuckTales HD Remake Announced for Xbox LIVE, PSN and Wii U (Woo-ooo!)

It’s time to sing-along once again, as Capcom today announces that classic Nintendo NES title DuckTales is finally getting a rerelease on Xbox LIVE, PlayStation Network and Wii U this Summer– and this time the game benefits from rich HD graphics and cutting edge 3D backdrops and slick animation!

The original 1989 game based on the Disney DuckTales cartoon of the same name was a 2D platformer in which the player would take on the role of duck-billed billionaire Scrooge McDuck as he seeks more fortunes in the form of coins, gems and other assorted riches. The game featured five different zones in which players must navigate Scrooge through obstacles and enemies with his trusty cane as a weapon and as a pogo stick when high platforms need reaching. The five levels included Amazon, Himalayas, The Moon and Transylvania where Scrooge faces off against main nemesis Magica De Spell.

Other characters from the DuckTales 80s cartoon also appear including of course nephews, Huey, Dewey and Louie as well as Gizmo Duck and rival adventurer Flintheart. All of whom will be back to quack in the reinvented DuckTales game. The game is fondly remembered by nostalgic gamers for its appearance on Nintendo’s original console and the game later popped up on GameBoy in all its green tinted glory.

DuckTales will be given its deserved relaunch later in the year as ‘DuckTales Remastered’ and Capcom has unveiled an announcement trailer showing us a faithful looking reimagining with retro feel and revealing just how good the game will look!