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Netflix Announces Stretch Armstrong Animated Series!

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The newest super hero to join the Netflix line-up has been announced! He has no allegiances with either Marvel or DC but he’s one of the most loved (and most abused) toys of the 70’s. That’s right. Netflix is making an animated series about the one and only Stretch Armstrong!

Stretch Armstrong was the blonde-haired rubber action figure that broke the mould. Sporting only a pair of black trunks, his innards were made of a corn syrup gel which allowed the 15-inch figure to be stretched, bent and tied in knots – but he would always to his original shape.

The toy was a major kid’s fad throughout the decade, particularly in the United States, and survived somewhat into the 80s before being completely repackaged and rereleased in the 90s with a brand new expressive and caricature-like face and a surfer dude gimmick.

Introduced to a new decade and a new generation, Stretch also gained a pet dog, cleverly named Fetch Armstrong, and was given a bunch of bad guys to battle against his new action hero persona. By 1997 Stretch Armstrong toys ceased production and his name has become the stuff of legend..

However, there had been talk about a Stretch Armstrong movie happening a few years ago through Universal Pictures but sadly the project never took shape.

We’re excited to hear that the cult hero will bounce back in 2017 under the name Jake Armstrong with some new chemically transformed friends when the animated series Stretch Armstrong and the Flex Fighters debuts for a 26-episode season as an exclusive to subscribers of streaming service Netflix.

Having built up a great library of kiddie’s content available online, Netflix has recently taken over from traditional TV channels as youngster’s preferred viewing method and the company is always expanding its offerings with greats like Power Rangers and more recent telly favourites such as Adventure Time.

It’s amazing to think Stretch Armstrong has been around for longer than most of these characters and is only now getting his chance to reach youngsters through the medium of TV.