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Netflix Fan’s Tattoo Earns Him a Year’s Free Subscription!

How better to show your commitment to the one you love than getting their name forever etched on your skin? That’s pretty normal in this modern age and one guy has done just that, expressing his affections in ink. The slightly unusual thing about this it that his love is actually Netflix!

Film fan and Twitter user @TheRealMyron (Myron Robinson) shared his latest ink of the company logo in a photo on the micro-blogging website and his tweet was soon spotted by the online streaming service through its @Netflix US account. Thanks to his dedication to the net-based brand the college student bagged himself a year’s free access to movies and television!

Netflix arrived in the UK in January 2012 and costs £5.99 a month (so £71.88 for a year) and offers unlimited access to thousands of movies and TV shows available through a range of gadgets from desktop and laptop computers, to consoles, Smart TVs and tablets. Having originated in the United States as a mail-based DVD rental service back in 1997, the Netflix selection over there is much greater so Myron will be spoilt for choice!

But 12 months free doesn’t look like much considering the lengths Robinson went to show his loyalty and the Gadget Helpline thinks since he’s got the tattoo on him for life the reward for his commitment should be a lifetime subscription!