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New Gears of War Title Making Progress

It’s been quite a while since we heard anything concrete about the next installment in the Gears of War franchise – the third person shooter epic which sees players eviscerate their foes with chainsaw machine guns.

the last time we saw a major release for the gory yet satisfying shooter was last year with Gears of War: Judgement for the Xbox 360, a prequel to the original trilogy which was met with mostly mixed/positive reception by gamers and critics alike.

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Since then, Epic Games has handed over Gears of War to the relatively unknown Black Tusk games studio, who haven’t yet managed to come up with much in the way of games, but according to Xbox head Phil Spencer and Black Tusk Studios head Rod Fergusson, the next installment in the Gears franchise is coming on nicely.

Friends In Blue: All our favorite pals from Gears of War 3 will hopefully return… except Dom, pictured in the article header. RIP Dom. He found Maria after all…

Black tusk are reportedly prepping the Xbox One title as we speak, and during sources the team at Black Tusk are getting to grips with the Xbox One hardware very well.

“As happens on any [platform, the] longer teams have w/ [hardware] the better they get at using n better the tools get,” Wrote Phil Spencer, suggesting that the team’s year of experience with the Xbox One is going to deliver some promising results.

The console came out around last Christmas, and development teams working on new games everywhere are enjoying getting to know the device and what it can do more and more as time passes.

Vancouver based Black Tusk have a hard task ahead of them, as the original Gears trilogy managed to become one of the Xbox 360’s most memorable exclusives. It’s a tough act to follow, and according to Spencer the latest installment from Black Tusk is set to ‘not be a reboot’ but a fully fledged next chapter.

Friends In Red: Hopefully our friendly neighborhood Locust pals will also be making a triumphant return following their sidelining in Gears 3 in favor of yellow exploding versions of themselves. GRIIIIND…!

Speaking to IGN, Spencer outlined his experience with Gears – “The thing that was great about the early Gears of War games, to me, [was] just the epic scale of the settings that I was in,”

“The story, the setting was a lot more what I would call soulful and maybe even a little dark. And [Rod Fergusson] and I have talked about this; I think the game over time became almost more of a parody of itself; not for any kind of horrible reasons. It’s hard to continue to manage the IP.”

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A new Gears of War for Xbox One would be an exciting prospect – the multiplayer portion of the game in the Gears Trilogy became a staple for Xbox 360 fans, with the introduction of ‘horde mode’ being one of the first co-op challenge where players faced increasingly difficult waves of AI enemies. Other games quickly followed suit, such as Halo: ODST and Halo: Reach’s ‘Firefight’ mode.

We’ll stay on these Gears of War updates, as the franchise is very dear to us, evoking some of our fondest Xbox Live memories of the early 2000’s.

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