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Apple Hiring For Possible VR Project

Apple hasn’t yet responded to the VR trend, opting to not jump on the bandwagon out in the open as Oculus VR and Google Glass dominate in the media. The rumor mill has also been unpredictably dry on Apple VR projects, until now.

The company reportedly had some hiring notices up on their site for VR hardware engineers and techies familiar with VR systems. The adverts specifically called for those engineers able to “create high performance apps that integrate with Virtual Reality systems for prototyping and user testing,” before it was pulled from the site.

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It may be that Apple have indeed been looking to dive into VR or potentially already have some sort of project underway – but for now the company’s decision to show their hand early has created a lot of hype in the media.

And Apple VR product would obviously be designed to outdo current offerings from the massively funded OCulus and Google – the device would also potentially include features we’ve never seen before, as is Apple’s modus operandi. We’ve seen the Apple Watch take wearable tech to a whole new level, and we’d expect the same kind of innovation in the VR sector if and when something emerges.

Heavy Hitter: Oculus Rift would be the main rival to an Apple VR device – the Facebook owned device is furthest ahead in the VR race, and contains the most advanced tech.

Apple has the time though, Oculus and Google Glass are scheduled to be in beta and development for another year or more – plenty of time for Apple to get ahead with their industry clout.

The hiring notice is a clear sign that the company is ready to enter the VR game, but as the ad was pulled so quickly it could also be indicative of a project that’s in the very earliest stages of design that we might not yet see for years.

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It’s best to go public when you have something to show off, and at this point, there’s almost nothing that points to an Apple VR device in the works, no leaks, nothing, just an advert on their site.

We could very possibly see something in the future, but for now it’s another case of a big long wait before a flurry of leaks as we saw with the Apple Watch. Stay tuned.

Source: Apple Jobs (listings may return)

Via: TechRadar