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New iPhone SE Blends Old Style With New Specs

This week Apple revealed their latest iPhone at a large event which also saw a new iPad being revealed. This iPhone, however is a bit of a wild card. Known as the iPhone SE, this handset keeps some of the looks of the iPhone 5 series but packs a bigger punch. The 4 inch phone is pretty much the same as an iPhone 5s on the outside, but inside has all the computing power and gizmos of the newer iPhone 6s.

These internal components mean that the new SE is (possibly) the most powerful 4 inch smartphone now on the market. The Apple 64-bit A9 SoC and M9 motion coprocessor make this possible, the two chips coming straight from the 6s. This means all the best software from the 6s can run on this older looking smartphone.

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Of course the 6s camera also makes an appearance, allowing a raft of photo options, including Focus Pixels, True Tone flash, record 4k video at at 30FPS, 1080p video recording at 60FPS and slow-mo video recording at 240FPS. You can also use this camera to capture 63-megapixel panorama images and Live Photos.

Rose Gold returns on the SE. It’s the manliest most masculine gold there is.

Other features include an always on, always listening version of Siri (Hey Siri), Bluetooth 4.2, LTE up to 150Mbps, voice over LTE, Wi-Fi calling, Touch ID, 802.11ac Wi-Fi and NFC. That NFC chip is somewhat of a higlight here, as it allows all sorts of connectivity with wireless payment and Apple pay features.

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In other words, the SE is definitely the ‘special edition’ which the two letters stand for. Some people still like the older, more blocky 4 inch models of the iPhone in the 5 series, so this re-release, which comes in 4 colors including the ever popular rose gold, is a perfectly justified edition to the iPhone family.

As for pricing, you’ll be spending $399 for the 16GB model and $499 for the 64GB version in the US – a bit on the high side but it is a special edition, after all.

Via: Apple Store (UK) (US)