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New Pebble Smartwatch to Be Announced Tomorrow?

The company behind Kickstarter phenomenon Pebble is teasing something on Twitter and has launched a website so that smartwatch fans can register to be first to find out what it’s all about tomorrow (Tuesday 24th May) at 10AM EDT (2PM GMT).

The original Pebble was released around four years ago after obliterating its crowd-funding goal and gaining over $10-million within just a few days of being on Kickstarter. Its simplicity, ease of use and basic one colour e-paper display made it a charming and appealing front-runner in what would go on to become a far more technical and advanced smartwatch market.

A limited supply of just 500 Pebble watches went out to backers first before hitting stores and online retailers, finally making it over to the UK in October 2014 costing £99 – incredible value for money considering all the tasks the Pebble could accomplish through its native apps and syncing ability with iOS and Android devices.

Little over a year ago in February 2015 Pebble struck back, launching a Kickstarter for a follow-up called Pebble Time. The Pebble Time was similarly simplistic but slimmer in design, as well as upgraded on the tech side. The e-paper screen became a full colour display and it also came with updated software and an in-built mic allowing voice commands.

So what’s next for Pebble?

One of the hints dropped over on the Pebble Twitter is “Everything’s better with friends” – possibly suggesting a new model with an emphasis on social networking? And if it is a new smartwatch will it be another crowd-funding effort – or is Pebble ready for a straight to retail release this time?

We will hopefully find out tomorrow when the ‘juicy details’ are revealed. The Countdown has begun and to stay in the loop you can register your email address on the website right now and be amongst the first to know!