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Night Terrors – ‘Scariest Game Ever Made’ Will Use Augmented Reality

How do you make ‘the scariest game ever made’?

That’s a question the creators of Night Terrors intend to answer by bringing a real-life nightmare to your very own home with this innovative survival horror experience for iPhone and iPad which is currently seeking crowdfunding over on Indiegogo.

Using augmented reality, the app based game will scan your environment through the iOS device’s camera and will be able to detect walls, ceilings, floors and objects to set up a terrifying game in your real life surroundings. It’ll then place photorealistic scare elements into your actual location including ghosts and grotesque apparitions – all of which are acted out by performers and use practical effects for ultra-realism (no cartoonish CGI).  Check out the video below to see how the frights were created.

It’s recommended you play Night Terrors in absolute darkness with headphones in and only your gadget’s LED light to guide you through the familiar yet unfamiliar setting and the binaural sound elements and mic feedback add to the atmospherics creating a fully immersive experience. It’ll make you feel like you’re a character in a Paranormal Activity movie, but the scares are far more intense than a few shaking chandeliers because they’ll be happening in your own home before your very eyes with only a smartphone between you and the unspeakable horrors before you.

With the impressive and ambitious idea for Night Terrors laid out and sensor tech mapped out ready to go, the developers Novum Analytics have turned to crowdfunding to get the game completed in the best possible quality for players with a view to make it available on more platforms including Android shortly after the initial release for iOS. Some of the perks of backing the project include getting your face on one of the game’s ghouls and tailoring your own scary moments to be part of your game.

Night Terror harkens back to the video-realistic scares of the cult Night Trap on Sega CD and combines with elements of the found-footage horrors such as V/H/S – both of which we love, so we’re oddly looking forward to crapping our pants when the finished game is finally unleashed!

Source: Indiegogo