Nintendo 3DS Hits 6-Million Sales in Japan – Over 13-Million Recorded Worldwide

As Nintendo Japan prepares to retire it’s now classic 3DS in original Aqua Blue, it’s been reported that the innovative three-dimension delivering handheld console has reached over six-million sales in the motherland!

The report which landed early this week from Japanese gaming magazine and website Famitsu that the gaming gadget, which suffered a number of early hiccups when the stereoscopic glasses-free 3D device was launched first in Japan on February 28th and later in the United States, United Kingdom and Europe on March 25th 2011 has seen 6,017,206 units distributed in the country alone. These troublesome bugs didn’t seem to stop the appeal of the Nintendo 3DS, and the Japanese seem to still love anything Nintendo, despite suggested design flaws (that still absent second thumbstick), poor choice of starting titles (no Super Mario) and serious health concerns (headaches following excessive play) from its users and medical professionals when the gadget hit the west.

Nintendo found itself paying more to save the console than it was making from it and towards the end of 2011 the company was losing massive profits, but promises massive turnarounds this year and we hope to see some future plans for the 3DS coming out of the E3 conference in just a few short weeks.

Overall worldwide sales for the Nintendo 3DS were recorded at 13.35-million by the end of March this year and the portable is enjoying revamps and revisions with a number of new colours including Cobalt Blue and Midnight Purple heading our way soon, as well as special editions such as the Metal Gear Solid “Snakeskin” handheld and the fantastic Legend of Zelda edition with golden Triforce motif.

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