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Nintendo to launch Pokedex as its first pay-for iOS app

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Nintendo will be trying its hand at chargeable smartphone and tablet apps for the first time in the very near future, launching something for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

The Japanese gaming giant unfortunately won’t be bringing an official port of Super Mario Land: 6 Golden Coins to your iPhone, oh no. Instead the company will be turning to the ever-popular Pokemon franchise, launching a digital Pokedex app for iOS.

Those who have played any version of Pokemon before on a games console or handheld device will be familiar with the Pokedex; an electronic device that caches the hundreds (if not probably thousands by now) of little critters that roam the game. It seems Ninty hopes to get in on the second screen action and offer its Gameboy and DS gamers something extra to look at on their smartphone or tablet devices from Apple.

Unsurprisingly the app will be launched initially in Nintendo’s homeland of Japan, for the cost of 170 yen, which is around £1.30. It’s currently unclear if the app will go global, although we expect the Japanese roll out will be to get a feel of the market and to see how popular Nintendo apps could be.

Up until now Nintendo has avoided launching apps of any sort, presumably for fear that offering games on smartphones and tablets would steer people away from its latest handheld console, the 3DS. Various fake Nintendo apps have surface on both iOS and Android, with Gameboy emulators even available, offering the ability to play classics such as Pokemon Yellow and Super Mario Land on the latest smartphones and tablets.

The company has launched one app before; a free download affair that went by the name of Pokemon Say Tap? Again this app was only ever available in Japan, and launched earlier this year.

We’re hoping the Pokedex app becomes popular so that Nintendo looks into bringing more of its great style to our mobiles. What sort of Nintendo app would you like to see?

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Via: GamesIndustry