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Nintendo to Release 3DS XL in Limited Edition White & Pikachu Yellow in Time for Christmas

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Limited quantities of White and Yellow 3DS XL handheld consoles will be racing their way onto shelves in time for Christmas as Nintendo reveals a trio of portable packages ahead of the busy gift buying period which will also see the anticipated release of its new ‘living room revolution’ the Wii U.

The special edition White version of the re-imagined 3DS XL, which was released in original colours back in July and features 90% larger main screen and 4GB of game storage, will first become available in the UK and Europe on the 16th of November.

This one will come pre-installed with latest addition to the classic franchise Mario Kart, a successful sixth sequel and the first to be adapted for the 3D platform. If you’re more into the mascot plumber’s platform adventures following the release of the first package, on the 30th of November (the same day as the Wii U arrives) Nintendo launches the same 3DS XL in cool white but with Super Mario 3D Land included on the handheld, giving us the option to drive or dash our way through the Mushroom Kingdom in style!

Devoted Pokémon catchers will be delighted to hear of the third 3DS XL console which will appear on the 7th of December and comes in bright yellow featuring the image of the much-beloved character Pikachu all over the casing.

Both the White 3DS XL handhelds with Mario Kart 7 and Super Mario 3D Land respectively will cost around £200, with the Yellow Pikachu console (without game) coming in at £180 with the latter available to pre-order now through retailer GAME.

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