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Nintendo Teases a New Console Called NX

In addition to announcing that Nintendo would finally be embracing the mobile gaming market by offering its popular IP up for use on smart devices, the company’s worldwide President has also revealed that a concept for a new dedicated gaming platform is in development with the codename ‘NX’.

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There isn’t much to report about the next Ninty console and really it was just a passing reference when Satoru Iwata was detailing the new ‘alliance’ with mobile games company DeNA. But it was definitely noteworthy when the president let slip the product’s existence in his statement today:

“Nintendo, together with DeNA, will jointly develop a new membership service which encompasses the existing Nintendo 3DS and Wii U systems, the new hardware system with a brand-new concept, NX, and smart devices and PCs, and Nintendo will be the primary party to operate this new membership service”

Definitely another ‘Wait, what?’ moment from Nintendo today that really deserved a bit more of an explanation but Iwata did add a few more teasing details later in his address when referring to Nintendo’s continued dedication to developing home gaming platforms:

“As proof that Nintendo maintains strong enthusiasm for the dedicated game system business, let me confirm that Nintendo is currently developing a dedicated game platform with a brand-new concept under the development codename ‘NX’”

“It is too early to elaborate on the details of this project, but we hope to share more information with you next year.”

It had been suggested that Nintendo would look to release new hardware in the next two years and images that surfaced towards the end of last year sparked rumour there was a reimagined Wii U GamePad in the works. But the name ‘NX’ and the fact that Iwata refers to a ‘brand new concept’ doesn’t allude to a third generation Wii platform. We hope whatever it is it continues to offer longevity to the Amiibo platform which has proven to be the golden goose, or golden Mario that Nintendo had been waiting for.

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