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Nintendo Wii U Release Date and 3 Bundle Prices Leaked From Amazon Supplier

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There’s less than a week to go until Super Mario and pals take over NYC once more, this time to price and date the new Wii U – the highly anticipated must-have Christmas pressie for Nintendo fans which looks to change the game with the inclusion of an innovative interactive second screen called the GamePad. Specific details on the Wii U’s arrival and cost have been kept tightly locked down until now. But just ahead of the big day, one retail supplier may have given the game away..

Video Product Distributor is a wholesaler of video games, DVDs and entertainment media which supplies names such as Amazon and has kindly let slip what could be the final release date and pricing for three Nintendo Wii U bundles. A leak from the company’s intranet (accessible only to staff and trade account holders) by way of a YouTube video (now removed) has suggested the console will go on sale on the 11th of November and will be sold in packages costing $249, $299 and $349 in the United States. A third party Wii accessories maker also recently suggested that the Wii U will arrive before November 18th this leak would tie in nicely with this date information.

That’s about the extent of it and no further details were available in the leak. We can only then speculate the differing prices must suggest a Wii U console and GamePad only pack, another with a single game thrown in for starters (possibly NintendoLand – the amusement park party game introduced at E3) and possibly a two game bundle. Previous conversation about the price of the second screen controller and its role in multiplayer gaming will probably rule out the inclusion of two GamePads – for the moment at least.

Nintendo of America President and press event frontman Reggie Fils-Aimes will be ready to demo the Wii U and give away all this vital (and official) information next Thursday.

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Image source: stevanR80