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Nokia N9 advert leaked, 12MP camera onboard

A teaser video of the upcoming Nokia N9 has leaked and been uploaded to Youtube, thanks to PocketNow. Nokia’s long awaited first ever MeeGo mobile looks set to finally be seeing the light of day, and we get a good glimpse at what it has to offer in the video below.

Through extensive scrutinising of the video we’ve noted a few things. On the back of the N9 we see a 12MP Carl Zeiss camera with Tessar lens – that will make for some beautiful snaps. There’s also Nokia (Ovi) Maps and something called Ovi Drive which can be seen in the main menu. We’ve not heard of Ovi Drive before, the icon points towards something traffic or navigation-based. Perhaps traffic update system to complement Nokia Maps.

A lot of the video focuses on the multitasking system used within the MeeGo OS, with sections of the video even slotting up/down and sideways to emulate how you switch between apps on the device. We also get a glimpse of how MeeGo multitasking works – a screenshot shows us a tile or card style system similar to Android when you press and hold the Home Button to view your homepages.

What do you think of the Nokia N9? Can’t wait to get your mitts on MeeGo? Let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment!