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Nokia Pureview Windows Phone 7 Handsets: Possible Codenames Revealed

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In “believe-it-or-not” news today a number of potential codenames for future Nokia Windows Phone devices have been outted after running a test app called WP Bench.

The unusual monikers feature the phonetics for some Latin alphabet symbols and include Nokia Phi, Nokia Pure Phi, Nokia Alpha & Nokia Pure Lamda. Purely guess work, but we think (and would hope) that the “Pure” in some of these titles could indicate at least two of these are the production titles of the proposed Pureview gadgets which were recently speculated and said to bring that glorious sharp-shooting camera technology to Microsoft’s mobile software on Nokia’s handset hardware.

The Nokia Pureview 808 running Symbian as seen at the MWC.

The first Nokia Pureview smartphone – the Pureview 808 – was unveiled at the event and showed off that impressive 41-megapixel camera and as many of you know the average for most of our camera phones ranges at around 5 to 8 mega-pixels – or 12 on the highest spec mobiles.

The Pureview at the show appeared running Nokia’s own Symbian operating system, but Nokia and Microsoft look to take the edge over rivals as far as camera tech goes and are said to be bringing the technology to Windows devices soon – on a range of smartphones that will be slimmer than the current Lumia line-up. This could prove exciting news for snap-happy mobile fans and suggest the Pureview Windows Phone 7 handsets are coming soon. The Gadget Helpline will be focusing closely to see if these Latin-inspired codenames pop up again!

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