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Nokia To Splash The Cash On Marketing For Windows Phone

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Nokia are planning what could be the last roll of the dice with its new partnership with Windows Phone 7 and are apparently planning to spend £80 million on marketing their new handsets on the Microsoft mobile operating system.

Considering all the job cuts and dissapointing corporate forecasts, a new marketing campaign would be a safe bet and could be a good way for Nokia to embark on a new era. But is a partnership between Nokia & Microsoft really going to sway people away from Android or Apple’s iPhone ? This for us remains to be seen.

Nokia is keeping their cards close to their chest and have said: “We are excited about the Nokia with Windows phone, but it’s not our policy to comment on specific campaigns for unannounced products.”

Microsoft is really putting their weight behind Window Phone 7 and are planning a massive update dubbed Mango with a whole host of new features and a load of new handsets in time for September.

Outed during the its Worldwide Partner Conference Microsoft’s Corporate Vice President of the OEM division, Steve Guggenheimer, showed off the Windows Phone version of the hugely successful Samsung Galaxy S II handset – a major coup for the company.

“[The new Samsung phone is] very thin and light, and that’s a theme we’re going to see for Windows Phone 7 devices,” Guggenheimer announced to the Microsoft partners.

He added: “As the processors get [smaller], battery life improves and the screens get better, we’re going to see phones with phenomenal screen resolution, a great battery life, meaning lightweight devices across the phones.”

Currently the top selling phone in the UK the Samsung Galaxy S II for Windows Phone 7 OS, is expected to sport the same Super AMOLED display and minimalist form factor as its Android counterpart with a dual-core processor and a 8-megapixel camera expected.