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Nokia’s ‘sweet’ new mobile launched in China!

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It’s a pretty sweet time to be a tech-fan – quite literally!

Following from the news that Google’s next Android offering might just be called ‘Jelly Bean’ and the recent launch of Angry Birds in the East, which saw some avian themed not-so-traditional moon-cakes up for sale – Finnish co. Nokia has commissioned some treats of its own, based on one of its Chinese released handsets.

Surfacing through Nokia’s presence on Weibo (China’s version of Twitter) these baked goods are based on Nokia’s C2 model mobile and are supposed to be mooncakes. The traditional celebratory snack, symbolizing the Chinese mid-Autumn festival – but they look more look a kiddies Play-Doh creation than a mooncake, or anything we’d really like to eat!

There is, however, some good attention to detail. Just take a look at the slider keyboard which replicates its non-edible tech-based brethren. We don’t know if it actually slide or not, or if it’ll connect to 3G. But we do think Nokia should stick to what it does best!

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