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Now TV – How to Solve Virgin Media WIFI Error 014

Now TV is becoming increasingly popular as an alternative to expensive Smart TVs, offering all the major on-demand services including BBC iPlayer, ITV Player and 4OD at the cost a little shiny box with additional Sky TV content available as optional extras. The box requires nothing more than a TV with HDMI support and a reliable WIFI connection.

Sounds simple right? It should be. However we’ve come across a few occasions where our Gadget Helpline support service members have come across a problem when trying to sign on with a Virgin Media router. It’s possible that an error code 014 relating itself to local network might appear after you’ve selected your network name and entered your password seemingly correctly.

It’s a frustrating little glitch that can usually be overcome by the following these steps on your Now TV remote control:

Press these buttons quickly in sequence –

Home (x5)
Fast Forward
Fast Forward

If you’ve done the sequence correctly you should see a ‘Platform Secret Screen

Go to Disable Network Pings and select it

Hit the Back arrow on the remote to go to the previous screen

Try signing in with your WIFI details once again

Be amazed.

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