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Oculus Rift Beta Release Coming 2015

Oculus isn’t quite ready to officially announce a consumer release for their amazing VR headset, but from what’s been heard online today we might just see the product come out as a public beta version, similarily to how Google Glass just has, in 2015.

Everyone wants a piece of Oculus Rift.

Sources have spoken out to news outlets that the Oculus Rift may see limited beta release by Summer 2015, according to TechRadar and VRFocus. April 2015 was also apparently on the cards for a beta of the headset, but sources have said this may get pushed back to the Summer of that year.

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Apparently distribution of the product will be sorted out internally by Oculus, with set numbers of a device going out in the beta launch phase. The company is expected to use this release to both see if consumers are ready and interested in the device before Oculus Rift hits stores and more conventional release locations.

We’ve already heard that the Oculus Rift may be priced between $200 and $400 from Oculus VR co-founder Nate Mitchell, which is a relief to those who thought it might go as high as Google Glass’s $1500-$2000 dollar beta releases.

Mark Zuckerberg tests out Oculus Rift after Facebook’s acquisition of the developer.

Palmer Luckey, the other co-founder of the company suggestes that the release of this beta model will include increased resolution over the Dev Kit 2 version’s 1080p display, and that the beta’s refresh rate might go up to 90hz or even higher.

Other headsets powered by Oculus VR technology, such as the Samsung Gear VR, which is an add-on for the Galaxy Note 4, will be arriving shortly in beta form as well.

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Demand for Oculus Rift has been huge, with the Dev Kit 2 version’s limited numbers proving to be no match for demand. There are still outstanding orders for the device. Hopefully this next batch of launched beta versions next year will be much larger, meaning everyone can get their hands on the next generation of virtual reality tech next year, although Oculus themselves have declined to comment on the leak.

Source: TechRadar

Via: PC Gamer