Ofcom reveals O2 as fastest UK mobile network for broadband – Orange is not so bright

Hopefully the future is bright for Orange, because the present is pretty dull according to an Ofcom review which outs the UK network as our nation’s slowest mobile broadband provider.

Orange reportedly fails to keep up with the demands of the UK public when it comes to 3G internet, with drooping dongles and poor performance at 1Mbit to 1.4Mbit/s – shameful when 7% of Britain’s internet users rely on data cards and peripherals as their source of internet.

The speed test information recorded between September and December of 2010 reveals that the O2 network is racing ahead at an average 3Mbit/s with webpages downloading at user-pleasing speeds. O2 have also recently increase 3G speeds for 9 major UK cities. Rivals Vodafone, Three and T-Mobile take positions somewhere in between – with average speeds of around 1.5Mbit/s.

The Ofcom survey however doesn’t include smartphone web connectivity and this will be taken into consideration in the coming months in advance of 4G landing in the United Kingdom. The results of this could tell a different story – this coming from an O2 customer who’ll keep quiet for the time being..

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