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First official BlackBerry Z10 accessories revealed

The company formerly known as RIM and now called just BlackBerry have launched a raft of accessories with its BlackBerry Z10 smartphone in the UK.

There are three Z10 accessories that are quite interesting that offer more than the usual raft of fairly standard first-party BlackBerry Z10 cases. Let’s have a look at the interesting ones, shall we?

BlackBerry Z10 Flip Shell

Our first accessory is this case for the Z10. It shares many design traits with Apple’s Smart Cover for the iPad, being made of a soft but rigid material that bends in the middle to double as a stand. The plastic shell around the phone looks like it’ll do well to protect it from scratches and impacts, too. Combine that with the screen protection offered by the ‘flip’ part of the case, and you’ve got an effective armour solution that’s both light and functional.

BlackBerry Mini Bluetooth Stereo Speaker

Our next item is this interesting Mini Bluetooth Stereo speaker that has a unique twist – it folds together, allowing it to easily be clipped to a belt, seatbelt, or messenger bag strap. When folded together it’s quite small too, ensuring that it won’t be a burden to carry around. The speaker also has a microphone and buttons, allowing you to use it to take and make calls as well as streaming music. With a nice grilled design that matches that of the Z10 it definitely looks like a nice choice. Of course, thanks to the near universal compatibility of Bluetooth it’ll work with Android, iOS and Windows Phones too.

BlackBerry Z10 Battery & Charging Bundle

Here’s another good example of the clever design that BlackBerry’s accessory team has been showing as of late. This bundle is a combined spare battery, battery charger, and Z10 charger. That means just by plugging this into a power source, you can keep both your Z10 and your spare battery charged and ready to roll instead of needing two plugs; one each for the phone and the spare. The unit has a design similar to a cassette case too, with a clear plastic shield ensuring that the battery charging within stays undamaged.


BlackBerry have clearly spared no expense designing their new phones, from the operating system and hardware that lies at their heart all the way down to the accessories that’ll complement them. While they may lack the street cred of dedicated accessory manufacturers, BlackBerry have definitely proved they’ve got a good eye for a well designed accessory.