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OUYA Android-powered console to be sold in UK at GAME

The Android based OUYA games console will be launching in the next couple of weeks and today UK retailer GAME has officially stated that they will be stocking the new console in their stores and have given a UK pricing as well.

This means that the new console will be available in stores in the UK whereas before it was originally only thought to be  web-only sales. The console pre-orders have already gone live and GAME has placed the console on sale for £99.99.

The OUYA games console rose to fame as one of the first big success stories of the current Kickstarter crowd funding revolution that is going on. The console was placed on the Kickstarter website as a concept and the developers were inundated with funding from fans on the site.

The result is the release of the console in June which will basically be a high-powered Android Jelly Bean device and all games for the console will be downloaded through the Google Play Store and can be enjoyed on your TV.

The OUYA box itself packs a nippy quad-core Nvidia Tegra 3 processor backed by 1GB RAM and will connect to your TV via a HDMI cable to offer HD gaming on a big screen

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You can pick up the console on the official OUYA website for around $99 but with shipping combined it works out the same as paying for the console in the UK. However, an additional controller (there is 1 in the pack) will set you back a hefty £40 from GAME, so it might be worth looking at the shipping costs with an extra controller.

We have ours on order and we will get you know what we think when it arrives!