Parrot AR Drone comes to Android

Gotta love Parrot’s neat little AR UAV drone, with its internet-based controls, augmented reality games and nifty little camera too. Its uses include spy missions, general lollery, checking out people getting changed through 4th story windows (this blog is not responsible for naughty teenagers getting their eyes scratched out by displeased bachelorettes) and also some pretty neat stunt flying.

However, apps designed to control and fly the Parrot drone in style have sadly been limited to Apple and the i-crowd only, meaning the Android side of things is lacking stealthy aerial recon capabilities for the time being. Curses.

However, recently Parrot announced that Android, Symbian and Bada devices are now fully enabled for Parrot missions to take off, meaning that you and your kick-ass Android equipment can undertake secret assignments, such as checking traffic from above or even frightening birds.

A racing game is also upcoming for the neat little flyer, which uses augmented reality to design racetracks for the drones to compete on as well as inflatable donuts and pylons to perform time trials as well. Now all we need to do is link up some kind of bb gun-based turret to the little thing and go take those evil pigeons from my roof.